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Haris Papadimitrakopoulos

Haris was born and raised in Athens, Greece. Photography was always his passion. He studied direction of cinema photography.  His professional career as a photographer began in 1985.  At the age of eighteen he was hired as a rookie talented photographer from "Marie Claire" and "Tahidromos" magazines, the leading magaziones of that decade in Greece.

He works with the majority of the publishing, music, advertising and P. R. industry in Greece.  He travels a lot photographing key people in the fields of politics, business and show business. Furthermore, he has been chosen for the personal branding of numerous personalities for his talented way to bring out their natural inner self. Among his clients are four ex-Prime Ministers and one ex-President of the Greek Democracy.

Haris had had two solo exhibitions of his work.  The first one, "Ground Zero-New York City-One Year After" was hosted at Hellenic-American Union in Athens atracting 3500 people during nine days and drew hugh media atention. The second one, "Hands" was a study of human hands through Haris' eyes.

He has repeated taken part in group photo exhibitions offering all of the proceeds from the sale of his photographs at humanitarian non-profit organizations. Also, his photographs have been used for the communication needs of these organizations.